tera_logoFor me one of the most annoying and boring things to do in MMORPG games is leveling. I did it countless times in other games and while it’s an inevitable process it doesn’t make it any better. It takes time and effort to level up your character to the level cap but some time ago I found out it doesn’t have to be nearly as bad.

Using a quality leveling guide for any game is a great asset to any player and I honestly recommend trying it out. These leveling guides are usually made by expert players who invested a lot of time and effort to write down all the quests and figure out all the strategies and tricks for one goal only: to make other players level faster.

However, I also found out not all leveling guides are of the same quality and some are simply put better than others in many ways. That’s why I decided to review all available Tera leveling guides and write down my thoughts about them on this blog where you can easily find out which one is worth it.

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