TERA Crystals Guide

Crystals are attached to equipment in order to improve a character’s chances of survival in a variety of ways. Crystals allow the player to improve the strengths that their class already possess, or they can be used in order to conquer any limitations the class may possess. This in-depth system allows the player to create More >


Tera Beginners Guide

TERA is undergoing a stress test in Korea, after which we should see a lot of new information pop up. translated one very useful informational guide talking about the enhancement crystals, quests, enchanting system and more. If you’re hungry for more Tera Online information, this will surely satisfy you! Locating Quest Objectives Combo Skills More >


TERA Homonculus Guide

The Homunculus, introduced in the city of Velika, is a unique pet system in TERA. This pet may offer many different services to its owner. In the recent FGT2, the Homonculus was a personal shop system and this guide will detail the steps to setting one up. Life is much easier when someone else does More >

Keyboard Shortcuts

TERA Controls Guide

One of the most important things in MMORPG games which is directly linked to your success in game are controls. Knowing the right keybinds and actually using them is half the battle so see below to find out the default controls for movement, various actions and interface elements. Movement Keys & Mouse Buttons Keyboard Shortcuts More >

TERA Management UI

TERA User Interface Guide

Tera introduces two UIs (user interface) for the non-targeting combat system. The first UI is the Movement UI, the second is the Management UI. To toggle between the UIs use the “Alt” key or the “Esc” key. Movement UI Status Bar – Displays your hit points and mana points. Above that bar are buffs; the More >


TERA Campfires Guide

Campfires are an interesting part of the out of combat TERA experience. There are campfires, just like the one pictured, all around the world of Arborea, usually near questing hubs that never burn out. However, these campfires also exist in portable versions, being given out as quest rewards. Players are able to put those down More >