The archers are highly skilled marksmen able to thin the ranks of their enemies in battle. Firing volley after volley with deadly accuracy, a single archer can cause panic and discord in a battle. Although the archer’s defense is weaker than others, the enemies that try to close in on them will find that the archers are highly mobile and rarely stationary.

Archers are swift hunters who rely on precision. This class is equipped with large bows, fast speed and the ability to continuously fire arrows from a long distance. They have excellent maneuverability, deal large amounts of damage and fluster their enemies by incessantly firing barrages of arrows towards them. Since Archers have sacrificed heavy armor in favor of swift maneuverability, keeping their distance from enemies is of utmost importance.

Archer Gameplay

Archer Skills List

Icon Name Description
Image:MultiShot.png Mutli-Shot A skill utilizing the Lock-On system, by aligning your crosshair with an enemy you can select it. When you use the skill again it will automatically fire arrows in the directions of the selected targets.
Image:SpeedShot.png Speed Shot If you hold down the Speed Shot key you will fire arrows at a faster rate then with the basic attack.
Image:ArchersSign.png Archer’s Sign When aiming at an enemy you can place a temporary Sign on it. Enemy targets marked with the Sign will receive 15% more damage from the Archer.
Image:SpiderwebTrap.png Spiderweb Trap Places a clever Spiderweb Trap on the ground. Enemies that step on the trap will have their movements speed temporarily lowered.
Image:StunTrap.png Stun Trap Place a Stun Trap on the ground. Enemies that step on the trap will stun temporarily
Image:PoisonousTrap.png Poisonous Trap Places a lethal Poisonous Trap on the ground. Enemies that step on the trap will lose HP gradually for an amount of time.

Archer Spells

Normal Shot

Normal Shot is the first skill an Archer is given to master. It is defaulted to the left-click button, but can be moved to any other slot. What’s unique about this skill is that unlike every other class, the Archer is free to hold down their mouse button to continuously fire upon their enemy.

Multi Shot

Multi Shot is the first skill an Archer purchases from the trainer after reaching level two. Once again, this AoE skill is unique from other classes. While other classes are able to hit more enemies with their AoE attack, an Archer can only hit up to four. However, the Archer’s Multi Shot hits for a lot more damage.

This is also the first skill an Archer receives that utilizes the “lock on” mechanic. After an Archer selects this skill, they hover their crosshair over four targets to lock on to them. The enemies do not need to be next to each other and the Archer doesn’t have to fire until all four have been selected. Once they are, simply click the skill again to fire. One important thing to note is that this does require a bit of mana and it is taken from the Archer when the skill is clicked the first time. Keep moving and try not to get interrupted!

Focused Shot

Focused Shot is an amazing addition to an Archer’s arsenal. The Archer simply holds down the button for however long they wish to charge the skill. Once the button is released, the Archer will fire the skill. The longer the skill is charged, the more damage it does!

Penetrating Shot

Penetrating Shot is another AoE skill for the Archer. It works similar to Focused Shot – you charge up the skill for a higher damage output – but instead of hitting only one target, this will hit multiple targets. Since this has the potential to hit more than one target, it does less damage to one target than Focused Shot.

High Level Skills

As the archer progresses through levels, a noticeable increase in damage output is quite clear. This is, in part, due to the fact that many of the skills earned early on are upgraded in subsequent levels, rendering them much more potent. Added to the archer’s armory in the higher levels are several skills that no archer would ever want to do without.

Penetrating Shot, earned at level 12, is a charged shot that deals linear damage to multiple mobs. When lined up properly, this can hit numerous mobs, and has a high rate of knockback on reap mobs. Compared to a few other skills at your disposal, Penetrating shot uses significantly less mana, but is more difficult to pull off while being chased, and is not as efficient for initiating combat as Multi-shot or Focused shot. They key to using it right is putting some distance between yourself and the largest concentration of targets, then waiting for them to line up as they come after you. Just like all of the skills though, having damaged the mobs some first is the best way to make this skill useful, otherwise mobs will be left at 1 hp.

Soaring Attack, earned at level 14, is a handy knockdown-recovery skill. When in the knocked down state, this skill becomes enabled, and you may quickly do a 360 degree spin attack, which has a high chance to knock down or knock back (reap mobs) anything it hits. This takes a fair amount of your small mana pool, but is certainly worth the 2-3 seconds it would take to recover normally. Depending on your weapon and level, it does the damage of around 2 and a half normal shots. This skill is most useful, of course, for PVP.

Backstep, though not a damage dealing skill, is probably one of the most used skills available to an archer. As the name of the skill implies, the skill allows you to jump back about 5 meters, avoiding attacks, dodging, or just putting more vital distance between you and your foe. Used right, this skill can allow you to get behind a chasing adversary in PVP, to deal rear-attacks, and hopefully knock downs. It does take mana, and has a fairly long cool-down so it is not a skill that can simply be spammed. Binding it someplace with extreme accessibility, such as the center mouse button or other unused mouse button, is a must.

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