Berserkers will charge into any fight swinging their mighty axes and to their enemies, the attacks appear to be uncoordinated wild swings driven by fury. However, their attacks are actually precise and focused. Their range of attack is extremely narrow, which requires extreme precision. The attack patterns are so unpredictable, foes will find that defending against the berserker’s attacks are almost impossible.

Beserkers are destroyers that carry large axes on to the battlefield. They use the anger they have pent up inside of them to deliver explosive bursts of damage to their opponents. The Berserkers’ axes have a small range and very slow attack speed, so it takes high concentration and a lot of caution to carry out their role.

The “rampaging marauders of the battlefield”, the Berserker is a melee class with slow – yet incredibly powerful – attacks. It has the ability to disable opponents with knock-backs, disorientations, and stuns. Despite having all this in their arsenal, this class also needs to be more accurate than other melee classes to make every swing count, as their slower movement makes them more difficult to control.

Berserker Gameplay

Berserker Skill List

Icon Name Description
Image:BackspinAttack.png Backspin Attack Spins an attack in a backwards circular motion, hitting the back of the target which temporarily stuns it.
Image:Shout.png Shout Unleashes a shout that has a change to put enemies in the Beserker’s vicinity into lethargic status.
Image:Berserker.png Berserker Unleashes anger trapped within. Increases damage dealt but also lowers the Berserker’s defense.
Image:Swirl.png Swirl Spins the axe in a whirlwind motion, hitting any enemies in its range continously
Image:ManifestationOfRage.png Manifestation Of Rage Sacrifices HP to recover a set amount of MP.

Class Skills

Combo Attack

Combo Attack is your basic attack, assigned to the left mouse button by default, and is a starting skill. The Berserker can land up to four attacks in succession with this skill, all the while gaining valuable mana. With the upgrades of Combo Attack II at level four, and Combo Attack III at level eight, this attack will do even more damage.

Weapon Block

Weapon Block is the only means a Berserker will have to mitigate the damage dealt to them, shielding themselves with their axe. The button must remain held down for the duration of the block, and has a chance to fail at lowering the amount of damage taken. By default, this is set to the “C” key, and is one of the two starting skills.


Bash is an essential tool to be using, and is thankfully received early on at level two. This skill will have the Berserker leap into the air before smashing the ground with its axe, dealing a moderate amount of damage as well as knocking back and stunning any target in range for several seconds. It becomes even deadlier with the upgrades of Bash II at level six, and Bash III at level ten.

Blast Strike

Blast Strike, acquired at level six, is the first of several charged skills. Charged skills become more powerful the longer the player holds the attack button. The Berserker will quickly rush and swing their axe forward with incredible force upon releasing the attack button, unleashing a hard-hitting attack. In early levels, this is best used after stunning and knocking back the enemy with a quick Bash, allowing for the skill to charge while your opponent is still helpless. If the player is hit hard enough while charging, this skill can be canceled in mid-charge. An upgrade in both power and charge levels is received at level ten with Blast Strike II.

High Level Skills

After level 10, this class does receive several skills that reflect the class’s true role and improve the gameplay experience. A prime example of such a utility is the skill Soaring Attack at level twelve, which allows the Berserker to finally recover from being knocked down with a full 360° axe swing. While this rarely happens early on, this skill has a chance to counter with a knock-back of your own at higher levels. Vortex is received at level fourteen, giving the player an AoE with several full rotations of their axe. Be warned – this attack propels the character forward quickly.

Gameplay truly changes with the addition of Smash and Smash Intensified, the latter of which being a Passive skill. The former is a skill that will propel the character forward quite a number of feet, but is an extremely powerful non-charge attack that can hit multiple targets. It becomes essential; however, with the passive skill Smash Intensified, as it greatly increases the damage of Smash should an enemy be knocked down. Therefore, starting at this level, it’s generally best to unleash the standard Combo Attack as an opener to gain mana, and then use Bash to send the opponent flying. After the enemy is rendered helpless, properly (yet quickly!) aim a Smash towards it before it can recover. By doing so, a very nice ‘rotation’ is used that makes quick work of whatever the Berserker faces. How the player should use the rest of their skills for the duration of the battle is situational.

At much later levels, this class gains a few skills that are useful both inside and outside of parties. Will Concentration is obtained at a the rather distant level thirty-one, but allows the Berserker to not have their MP decrease for twenty seconds. It should go without saying how invaluable this is, especially with more dangerous encounters. Force Spin at level thirty-six is a nice upgrade to Vortex, providing similar utility. There are skills which would appear to be far more useful in a party, however. Such aforementioned skills are Enrage at level thirty-three, which increases attack power in exchange for high defense loss for fifteen seconds after use. Should the player use this while solo, caution should be used to make sure that this vulnerability cannot be exploited as the defense loss is more than double the attack power boost. Berserk Possession is also received at this level, and restores mana at the cost of HP. Caution should also be used with this skill should a healer not be present.

Berserker Screenshots

Berserker Impressions

The berserker is a heavy defense and heavy hitter, but it has a lower movement and attack speed than other classes. Berserkers have to pick the best position first and only then unleash their smashing attacks. Strength is nothing without control!

After you create your character, you will have two skills: combo and parry. The combo skill is a succession of four heavy hits: the first one is a forward slash, that has to be aimed carefully, the next two have a larger area of effect (you still have to mind your crosshair), the last hit is again a forward slash, but this time with even more power. Every hit generates a lot of mana (around 10%). The more targets you hit, the more mana you generate.

The Berserker loses mana every second, and has no natural mana regeneration. Using the initial combo attack is the only way to generate mana. Later on you’ll learn a skill that generates 100 mp every 30 seconds, but that’s a pretty low amount and you will still have to use your combo skill.

The parry skill is very useful, however you should use it only when you can’t do anything else, because it blocks only 75% of the incoming damage and activating it requires a fair amount of mana. It’s surely better to just dodge enemy’s attacks if possible, and run around your opponents.

The first attack skill you’ll get is Whirlwind. It’s a chargeable, 360 degree AoE attack. If fully charged, it causes a lot of damage, and can wipe out a group of reap mobs in almost no time, while having a fair MP cost and a 4 seconds cooldown. If you just press the hotkey without holding it down, it’s a instant skill that does low AoE damage.

Later on you’ll get two heavy hitting skills, which shatter the earth and cause a ton of damage. The difference between the two skills is that one is chargeable, which if charged does almost the same damage as the other one, and has a significantly lower mana cost. While you’re charging this skill you can also turn around and aim your target. It is best to consider each situation and choose the best skill to use at all times.

As all melee classes, the berserker has an attack which can be only used while being knocked down. It is very useful, as it does a nice amount of damage and knocks down opponents at 360 degrees. After using this skill it’s advisable to use a heavy hitting skill that will almost surely hit the enemy.

The strong features of this class are its heavy defense and its strong hits. However some players might find frustrating to have a very small area of attack, and to miss sometimes.

Berserker Guide