The lancers are trained to wield the shield as an extension of their own body. Because of the shield, lancers are mostly known for their defensive capabilities, not only protecting themselves but also others around them. The lancers are considerably slower than other classes due the sheer weight and size of the shield. Therefore, lancers learn to wield a spear along with their shield.

The lancer is a class specialized in defense that wields a lance and a shield. They can protect their friends by emitting a shout at monsters who are attacking them, provoking the monsters to run towards you instead. The Shield Block ability doesn’t just protect you, but also anyone standing behind you.

Lancers are “stoic guardians” able to take damage, but also able to dish it out when the situation requires. Despite being a relatively slow class due to their predisposition to prefer blocking to dodging, the Lancer is nevertheless able to focus damage very precisely. This allows them to excel in single combat, though they are also able to drop their defenses and charge into the battle to scatter smaller foes from the field as necessary. They are the center of every battle, protecting allies and bolstering defenses, all while dealing devastating blows to unsuspecting opponents.

Lancer Gameplay

Lancer Skills List

Icon Name Description
Image:ShieldBlow.png Shield Blow By swinging his shield fiercely the Lancer damages targets right in front of him and makes them stun temporarily.
Image:CounterStrike.png Counter Strike By pressing the attack key when succesfully blocking an attack the Lancer counter attacks.
Image:Ensnarement.png Ensnarement The Lancer throws a hook around the target and draws it towards himself.
Image:WillOfIntimidationLancer.png Will Of Intimidation Destroys the target’s armor with a strong attack. The affected target will have its defense lowered temporarily, the effect stacks up to 3 times.

Lancer Spells

Combo Attack

Assigned to the left mouse button by default, Combo Attack is a starting skill, and one that is used frequently. The nature of the lance ensures that the Combo Attack is very narrowly focused, allowing the Lancer to attack a single enemy with great precision. Typically the Lancer will strike normally three times, and then perform a more powerful thrust on the fourth attack. When groups of enemies crowd the front of the Lancer, Combo Attack enables the Lancer to strike multiple enemies at once in a straight line. The best strategy for ensuring this condition is attracting a group’s attention, and then moving back slightly, so that they charge at you in a group. One attack and they immediately regret their impetuosity!

Shield Block

Shield Block is perhaps the staple of the Lancer class, allowing them to heavily mitigate damage, transforming a foe’s powerful assault into a harmless tap. By default, Shield Block is assigned to the “C” key, and must be held down in order to maintain the stance. The Lancer must be facing in the direction from which the attack is coming. Doing so will heavily reduce the amount of damage taken by the Lancer. This ability works equally well defending against magical as well as ranged attacks. With an instant casting time, this ability allows the Lancer to react quickly to each creature’s “tells”, rewarding the Lancer with an eye for sensing incoming attacks.

Ferocious Charge

Ferocious Charge is the perfect tool for breaking that stalemate, charging out of an unpleasant situation, or for mauling multiple foes all at once. The Lancer leans forward and charges in the direction they were facing when the charge was initiated. This produces a barrage of strikes against any enemies in the Lancer’s path. While the damage for these multiple strikes is relatively low when taken individually, they cumulatively produce a significant amount of carnage. During the final seconds of the charge, the Lancer unleashes several powerful blows, following through with the entire strike by fully extending the arm and thrusting the lance through the last of their foes. This ability is most effective when initiating a fight, charging into groups of enemies, or when an enemy is knocked down and unable to respond.


Riposte, earned at level six, is an incredibly useful “passive” skill that allows the Lancer to counter-attack each time they emerge from the Shield Block ability. Once a Lancer has successfully initiated Shield Block (and hopefully put an end to an enemy’s attack), the Lancer may counter-attack by using their Combo Attack while still blocking. This results in the Lancer bashing the enemy with their shield, and then stepping through for a powerful thrust immediately afterward. This skill is especially useful for maintaining the Lancer’s momentum in combat, allowing them to seamlessly transition between attacking and blocking.

Roar of Defiance

Roar of Defiance, acquired at level ten, is the Lancer’s first “aggro” ability. When activated, the Lancer unleashes a roar which attracts the attention of surrounding enemies. The range of this ability is large enough to allow the Lancer to capture the notice of fairly distant enemies. In addition, the Roar affects the Lancer’s surroundings in a full circle, allowing them to dominate the battle from its center. This is the Lancer’s primary means of protecting group members from unwanted attention by monsters, in addition to the Shield Block ability. The relatively low cooldown requirement means that the Lancer is able to continuously maintain the hate of their enemies throughout the battle.

High Level Skills

While the skills received during the first ten levels represent the Lancer’s core functionality, the later skills involve significantly more utility, permitting the Lancer to further find their niche within the group.

An often frustrating experience for a young Lancer is being taken unaware and knocked down in a fight, unable to initiate Shield Block. The Soaring Attack ability remedies this nicely, allowing a Lancer to quickly rise from the ground and get back into the battle with a strong counter-attack. Though only usable every twelve seconds, this ability lets the Lancer respond that much faster to enemy attacks, which is essential when a second’s hesitation may be the difference between a successful block or certain death. While the Lancer’s powerful strikes are often enough to knock down opponents as a matter of course, the ability Shield Bash allows them to take advantage of this situation more accurately. Using this ability on an enemy and then rushing in with Ferocious Charge is often enough to frighten the staunchest of opponents.

At level twenty the Lancer is provided with the Noose ability, which allows the Lancer to pull enemies to them from a significant distance. Importantly, the range of this ability is fifty percent greater than that of Roar of Defiance, allowing the Lancer to have even further control over events on the battlefield.

Thus far, most of the Lancer’s abilities have directly impacted the battlefield either by damaging opponents with powerful attacks, or by controlling enemies by drawing their animosity and/or the monster itself. However, at level twenty-six the Lancer is granted its first debuff, Crash Gear. This ability reduces an enemy’s armor, allowing both the Lancer and their party to deal increased damage for ten seconds. It is important to note that this ability can be stacked up to three times on the same opponent for each successive attack after Crash Gear is applied. Getting in those attacks is certainly doable for an attentive Lancer, and even more so when activated with allies nearby!

Moving up to level thirty, this trend of granting the Lancer group-friendly abilities continues. Aura of Inspiration places a buff on group members which increases their defense by fifteen percent. The fact that this Aura does not affect the Lancer is very flavorful, further heightening the Lancer’s persona as the stalwart defender of their party. Granted at level thirty-six, the Lancer receives a second “aggro” ability called Infuriate. The primary difference between Infuriate and the similar ability Roar of Defiance seems to be one of degree. Infuriate has a significantly longer cooldown cost. However, the name of this ability seems to indicate that the hate generated by this skill is also significantly improved over the more frequently used, but less powerful Roar. This skill enables the Lancer to take charge of a chaotic battlefield, ensuring that the attention of surrounding enemies is securely focused on them, once again protecting their party from sure death!

Lancer Screenshots

Lancer Impressions

At level 1 Lancers have only two skills, the basic combo (which is divided into 3 attacks) and the parry (activated by C on default settings).

  • The combo skill consists of three attacks. The first 2 hits inflict damage and the third push back the target by 1-2 meters and inflict more damage. The attacks hit the enemy even when it is knocked down. Each attack recharges a bit of mana.
  • The parry skill is used often due to the low character speed in combat. Once you press the C key, the lancer will block all frontal hits. The parry blocks 100% damage. To activate the parry consumes a small amount of mana, but you can remain in the stance without consuming any mana.

As already mentioned, the character is very slow in combat even though the attacks are quite fast: there is a fraction of a second between attacks which is useful to set up the parry skill.

At level 3 we learn our first CC. Using this skill makes your character do a double twirl. The first twirl does low damage, but stuns for 2-3 seconds or causes knockback (rare). The second attack is a 360 degree twirl which does more damage.

The next skill is very powerful and is the first skill you can “mix” in the combo system. This skill has a charging time of about 2 seconds, the character jumps and charges, after which the character will strike moving forward for 1-2 meters in the air. This skill is the most powerful that I had, and it can also stun the target.

As I said we can mix this skill to create a combo, and after the basic 3 hit combo, we can press the spacebar to use a power attack. Doing so removes the 2 seconds of cast time the skill would normally have. We can have the same effect mixing this skill with the 2 twists.

At level 8 we learn the famous Charge skill. To use this skil, you must be 7-8 meters away from your emnemy. If you attempt to use it in melee range, the skill will not activate. In PvP it is kinda bugged, it pierces the body of all classes except the sorcerer (only on them it works as it should). However, this might be because of high ping.

The charge is also used as a running skill because we can travel as much as 7-8 meters instantly.

At level 12 we learn a usefull skill that we can use only when we are in the knockback status. Pressing the space bar when knocked down will cause the character to stand up, hitting enemies around him. This skill also has the potential to knockback the opponent (it seems that all melee classes have this skill).

At level 14 we learn our first healing skill (512 hp), the casting time of this skill is 0 (instant) and the cooldown is 1 minute.

At level 18 we learn our first aggro building skill. I believe it is an AoE skill, but I have not been able to test it yet.


When it comes to PvE, the lancer is a wonderful class. It takes some time to kill monsters but if we use our skills they go down quite fast. At the beginning minions are quite annoying, however after level 12 we won’t have any more problems because of our new skills.


In PvP, the Lancer is a very difficult class to play and fights always take a lot of time.

I fought several PvP fights.

  • I had 4 fights against Berserkers (1 level less than me) and they always ended in a tie even if I always ended with more HP than my opponent (except once when we finished with both 60% of HP). Our advantage against berserkers is that they don’t have mana
    regeneration so they cannot always use their skills.
  • I had the greatest difficulty figthing against Slayers. I lost 2 fights out of 2. Slayers don’t have mana regeneration, just like Berserker, but I didn’t understand how to face this class.
  • Fighting against a warrior I had a lot of fun and I won (22% hp vs 0%). We must try to keep him in front of us and parry his hits, keep distance and try to strike him down with our bigger range.
  • Fighting against Sorcerers, I had two great victories (75%-0% and 85%-0%) because we can parry spells that come from the front. However, we will take some AoE damage. It is possible to use “charge” on them while they are running away and do a lot of damage.

General Info

The lance and shield are one entity. They are not interchangeable. Lancers have high HP (I had 2300hp at about level 6; at level 14 I had 4000hp) and I never had problems with mana, since you can regenerate MP with both normal hits and natural regeneration.

Lancer Guide