The Mystics (class previously known as Elementalist) call upon spirits and elements to aid them and their allies in battle. Through the strength and wisdom of the spirits, the Mystics can channel spells to help their allies, while casting spells that hinder the enemies. Mystics can absorb the enemies’ health and mana so that the enemies cause less damage towards others and become easier to kill.

Mystics are very fragile by nature as they only wear light armor, therefore their strength lies in seeking aid from spirits. Mystics observe battles from afar and react according to the situation. It takes a lot of practice to develop this intuition.

Mystic Gameplay

Mystic Abilities

Mana Boost

Mana Boost is a mana regeneration skill. It is very useful in order to keep mana up in order to keep playing without down time. Upon taking damage or casting another spell, the mana regeneration effect cancels. It also has an animation that looks pretty funny when used with the male Popori race.

Elemental Shot

Elemental Shot is the basic single target attack of the Mystic class and is a starting skill. With upgrades at levels 4 and 8, it is a standard starting spell for attacking single mobs.
A basic ranged attack skill with the ability to hit one target.

Essence Leech

Essence Leech is a very different type of spell. It’s a situational aoe spell that is obtained at level 4 and is very helpful for group play. It can be interrupted if the Mystic gains aggro. The spell takes health points from targets within its area of effect and after several (on the third?) uses of the spell, it will return mana to the caster rather than taking health points away. It is upgraded at level 8.

Healing Wind
A close range healing spell which heals the Mystic and the allies in its proximity greatly.

Mystic Skill List

Icon Name Required Level Description
Image:Elemental_shot.png Elemental Shot 1 This is a single shot projectile which deals damage to the first target it hits.
Image:Aqua_veil.png Aqua Veil 3 Deals AoE damage in a fan shape in front of the caster.
Image:Priest_unknown.png Self Heal Heals the caster for a set amount of HP.
Image:Mana_recovery.png Mana Boost 1 MP recovers over time while this buff is active. If you take damage or use another skill while this mode is active the effect will be cancelled.
Image:BindingShot.png Binding Shot The Mystic fires a sphere forward which temporarily puts enemies it hits to sleep.
Image:FlashShot.png Flash Shot The Mystic fires a sphere forward which explodes and stuns enemies in its vicinity.
Image:PurifyingShot.png Purifying Shot A Lock-On skill which fires purifying spheres that heal any status ailments of selected characters.
Image:EssenceOfRecovery.png Essence Of Recovery 1 By molding magical power together, the Mystic can create a sphere to place on the ground which immediately heals anyone who picks it up.
Image:BarrierOfRage.png Barrier Of Rage Including the user himself, anyone within 20 meters will have their critical rate doubled. Until the barrier is cancelled it will continuously consume MP as you go.
Image:BarrierOfSpeed.png Barrier of Speed Including the user himself, anyone within 20 meters will receive a 10% movement speed boost. Until the barrier is cancelled it will continuously consume MP as you go.
Image:VampiricBarrier.png Vampiric Barrier Including the user himself, anyone within 20 meters will regenerate HP when landing a successful hit on an enemy. Until the barrier is cancelled it will continuously consume MP as you go.
Image:BarrierOfPain.png Barrier Of Pain Including the user himself, anyone within 20 meters will regenerate MP when they received damage. Until the barrier is cancelled it will continuously consume MP as you go.

High Level Skills

Many of the class defining skills are learned after level 10 – offensive buffs are among the more important skills. The offensive buffs constantly consume mana. Mystics also get a variety of healing and utility spells. Rejuvenating Shot is a heal-over-time that locks onto a target and shoots them with the heal. Mystics also are able to resurrect other players and teleport a party to their location. Flash Shot stuns a target for 3 seconds and Binding Shot decreases the movement speed of a target to 89% for 6 seconds. For additional utility, Mystics gain Purifying Shot to remove all harmful effects from a single target.

Mystic Screenshots

Mystic Impressions

The mystic is a healer/buffer/summoner hybrid, it also has some fairly powerful attack skills and a dodge. It is a good all-round class.

The character starts with two skills: the first one is an energy ball, which does fair damage and has a low casting time and mana usage. The second skill creates a “life orb” that you can pick up from the ground and is used on pickup. With this skill you can recover around 40% of your HP. These “life orbs” are also sometimes dropped by mobs.

Aiming is no big deal: the spell doesn’t just go straight, but it curves and follows the mob that you had in your crosshair. This is not always a good thing, as sometimes you get to hit an unwanted monster that was in between you and your target.

Soon enough you’ll get two attack skills, one of these creates a 180 degrees shockwave in front of you, very useful to defeat reap mobs. The second one does more damage, but hits a smaller area and has a longer casting time. Both of these skills have a very short range.

Mana is usually not a problem: the mystic has a mana regenerating skill which generates 100 mp every second and has 30 second cooldown. This skill is very useful when you’re in trouble.

You also get your first pet very early: this is a tank pet, and tanking is its ONLY goal. This pet draws a lot of aggro, has a lot of HP and does very low damage (almost null). I had the impression that it has very low defense and takes a lot of damage. The summon lasts for a bit more than two minutes and has a cooldown of two minutes, so it’s possible to always have a pet unless it dies. Also it doesn’t need to be controlled, it attacks the last target that you hit. This isn’t a problem, though, the AI is very good.

Another really good skill is the instant forward teleport, useful for any situation: PvP and farm for dodging and also for faster movement speed.

I didn’t have any real problems with this class: it’s kinda easy to kill mobs and with your skills you can regenerate HP and MP really easily. The pet looks useful for blocking the enemy in PvP, and dodging the enemy attacks is no big deal. Later on you’ll get a 90% AoE slow too.

All around it’s a very powerful class, useful for any purpose, recommended to anyone.

Mystic Guide