The priests, devout worshippers of Yurian, the God of Justice, are able to heal and protect their allies in battle. Priests rely solely on Yurian and their blessed power, rather than heavy armor and weaponry. Their unshakeable faith however, can become a downfall for they rely only on their God and power.

Receiving protection from the gods, priests stay close to their allies to protect them. This class has the ability to heal its allies and to debuff their enemies in order to make battle safer.

Priests use staves and are armed with divine magic to damage their enemies. They are considered very reliable by their allies. Priests who are protected and blessed by the god of justice Yurian use their divine magic to heal wounded allies and curse their enemies to ensure the safety of themselves and their allies.

In the world of TERA, priests are one of the two healing classes. Wielding large, intricate staves, this class is equipped with an arsenal of heals, meant to help the priest adapt to as many situations as possible. Though they exist primarily to support their allies, priests also have a variety of offensive spells to ease soloing. At higher levels, they gain very useful skills for party play.

Priest Gameplay

Priest Skills List

Icon Name Required Level Description
Image:Mana_recovery.png Mana Boost 1 This utility skill recovers MP for the caster during its duration. The effect will be cancelled if you suffer damage or use another skill while this is active.
Image:Healing_wind.png Healing Wind 8 This is an AoE heal which instantly heals all targets caught within its radius for a set amount of HP.
Image:Regenerating_wind.png Regenerating Wind 6 This is an AoE heal which gives a HoT effect onto all targets caught within its radius.
Image:LightofRetribution.png Light of Retribution 1 This skill is the basic single shot linear damage projectile used by the priest class. Will dissapear after hitting a target.
Image:ShadowOfSlumber.png Shadow of Slumber 20 The Priest fires a sphere forward which temporarily puts enemies in hits to sleep.
Image:HolyExplosion.png Holy Explosion 10 The Priest utilizes holy energy by exploding it in front of him to attack enemies within its range.
Image:Suppression.png Suppression The Priest nulifies his threat towards nearby enemies.
Image:SoothingLight.png Soothing Light 16 By pressing the skill key you can select targets with your cursor, after pressing the skill key again the priest will release Soothing Lights healing the selected targets.
Image:GuardianArmor.png Guardian Armor Holy force absorbs a set amount of damage taken by allies within its range.

Light of Retribution

Assigned to your left mouse button by default, Light of Retribution is a priest’s first offensive skill. The spell is aimed with the cross-hair and at the click of your mouse button it sends a blue ball of light at the target. With only a 0.5 second cooldown, this skill can be spammed to quickly kill a target who is low on health for minimal mana cost and moderate damage.

Healing Invocation

Healing Invocation is the only heal a priest begins its journey with. This spell is bound to the ‘c’ and ‘shift’ keys by default and heals only the caster. Healing Invocation is a core skill for the priest, easily saving its life with its instant cast quality. The skill scales up in amount healed quite well as new ranks are learned.

Mana Boost

The last skill a level 1 priest begins with is a mana recovery spell called Mana Boost. The skill takes 5 seconds to cast and recovers mana over 20 seconds. However, if during those 20 seconds the priest attempts to cast another spell or is hit, the effect cancels and no more mana is gained. Because of this, the priest may learn to use this spell strategically, perhaps while a monster is knocked back or far away from them.

Curtain of Retribution

Curtain of Retribution is learned at level 2 and is the second offensive skill and the first AoE a priest is given. Although this is very much subject to change, in its current state it basically must be unleashed in melee range to be effective. It literally forms a fan-shaped magic barrier forward, doing moderate damage to enemies.

Armor of Safeguard

Level 4 is an exciting level for a priest! Armor of Safeguard is the star of this particular set of skills. This instant cast spell gives 5 allies within a 15 meter range of the priest a barrier that absorbs damage for 10 seconds or until a certain amount of damage is absorbed. The amount of damage the armor can absorb increases as the skill is upgraded. Armor of Safeguard is incredibly powerful for use within parties.

Regenerating Wind

Learned at level 6, Regenerating Wind is the first of many AoE heals the priest will receive. This particular spell is a 2.6 second cast time HoT (Heal over Time), healing within 14 meters in front of the caster. This spell must be aimed so that party members requiring the heal are within the “circle” the spell visually creates on the ground.

Healing Wind

Healing Wind is an AoE heal learned at level 8. This spell has a much smaller radius than Regenerating Wind and thus is a bit more difficult to aim, however, it heals for a lot more and is a core group healing ability.

Divine Explosion

At level 10, priests receive the powerful offensive skill, Divine Explosion. This skill is a one second cast AoE that unleashes in a spherical shape directly in front of the priest. If it directly hits multiple monsters, the explosion’s damage will spread out among the monsters, but if used against a single target, the same amount of damage will be inflicted against that target. Currently it has a very short range of 3 meters, so when soloing, it is safest to use while Armor of Safeguard is active.

High Level Priest Skills

A priest’s level 1-10 arsenal of skills are truly their core, basic skills and upon leaving the Island of Dawn, a priest will have a fairly good sense of identity. The skills learned post level 10 serve to enhance the usefulness of the class, adding a run speed increase called Trot at level 12, a party summon skill at level 18 called Peer Summon and a skill that returns the priest’s party to the nearest camp at level 24 called Camp Return. To further increase their necessity in parties, around level 30 priests begin to receive a series of “blessings” which are 15 minute duration party buffs. So far, the blessings give special effect resistance through Blessing of Endurance at level 30, critical strike resistance through Blessing of Agility at level 32, and HP regeneration through Blessing of Regeneration at level 32. Given these great party skills, one may easily predict that each five man group will seek a priest as they level.

A look at later spells also shows that in addition to being all around resourceful, priests will continue to add to their healing abilities as they level. At level 16, the priest will learn their first lock-on heal. Aimed with the cross-hair, Healing Light allows the priest to send a directly targeted ally within 15 meters a powerful but fairly mana intensive heal. At level 14 they receive the all important Resurrect skill.

Although they appear quite powerful – and truly they are – one must remember priests are clothed in low-defense robes. Because of this, they are very susceptible to taking hard hits and thus, must have some counter. Soaring Attack learned at level 20 is the answer to a situation in which a priest is knocked back and unable to heal in PvE or PvP. It allows the priest to rise up and attack the enemy on a 12 second cooldown. At the same level, priests also gain the powerful instant skill, Awake. When cast, this skill helps up one knocked-back ally within 20 meters of the priest, increasing their usefulness in a group PvP situation, but also in difficult PvE environments where enemies do have a tendency to use skills that knock-back players.

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