The sorcerers dedicate their lives to research and discovering ways to harness the mysterious forces of the world. They are able to call forth powerful spells using mystical disks to deal damage to their enemies, or to protect and heal their allies. Because of their highly supportive role in battle, it is said that the side with the most capable sorcerer wins the engagement.

Sorcerers are researchers who use hidden, mystical magic to conjure dreadful, destructive powers. This class has the capability to deal high damage from a distance and support allies. Sorcerers use mystical disks to call forth magical power and are one of the strongest damage dealers.

Sorcerers are very fragile and wear light armor so they use various means to thwart their opponents in order to defend themselves. Given this, the most important protection sorcerers have are their quick judgment and allies. Sorcerers are able to unleash their spells within the blink of an eye.

Sorcerer Gameplay

Sorcerer Skill List

Icon Name Required Level Description
Image:Fire_bolt.png Fire Bolt 1 This spell sends a fire projectile in a straight line that deals damage to the first target it hits.
Image:Frost_needle.png Frost Needle Pierces through targets. Will deal damage to enemies throughout the line of fire.
Image:Lightning_trap.png Lightning Trap Places a trap on the ground which detonates when a target comes close, also it will temporarily stun the target.
Image:Blast_ball.png Blast Ball The sorcerer can charge this skill to enhance damage dealt by it, this sends a ball of electric energy forward which deals massive damage to all targets it comes in contact with
Image:Mana_recovery.png Mana Recovery 1 Recovers mana at a constant rate until the sorcerer takes damage or uses another skill.
Image:FirePillar.png Fire Pillar Conjures a Fire Pillar right in front of the user, delivering several attacks to enemies inside it.
Image:ContractOfDestruction.png Contract of Destruction After using Contract of Destruction, the next skill used will deal more damage.
Image:ManaShield.png Mana Shield Forms a magical shield which absorbs damage. In accordance to the damage absorbed MP will be consumed. If you absorb more damage than a set amount or if you run out of MP the effect wears off.
Image:BombToss.png Bomb Toss Tosses a bomb forward, dealing damage to any targets within it’s range.
Image:LightOfDestruction.png Light of Destruction Shoots a light orb of destruction straight ahead. Any target that gets hit will receive a devasting attack. One target only.

Sorcerer Spells


Fireballis a basic attack and starting skill is assigned to the left mouse button by default. This skill must be aimed in the direction of the enemy. A valuable skill to quickly finish enemies left with low health. Due to its low mana consumption, a Sorcerer may find this skill very useful, especially if low on mana. Fireball II, learned at level four, and Fireball III learned at level eight, are very important as they improve the damage of the skill.

Ice Needle

This piercing needle is one of the most useful skills a Sorcerer learns. Having a chance to knock-back a group of enemies can give the sorcerer a great advantage, allowing it to reposition and make distance between the enemy and the caster. To maximize its effect it is useful to position yourself and wait for the enemies to form a line. The skill is highly effective against an enemy’s weaker minions. Unfortunately, if the player casts this skill while enemies are moving, the skill will not follow the enemy and it will miss. Ice Needle is assigned to the “C” key by default.

Mana Boost

Mana Boost is one of the sorcerers core skills. This skill allows an overtime mana recovery. The effect will cancel upon taking damage or using another skill. Due to its long casting time the sorcerer will be exposed to danger, so it is highly recommended to only use this skill when safe from enemies.


This early acquired charge skill reflects the sorcerer’s true power. The sorcerer concentrates a massive amount of energy into a huge ball, resulting in a powerful bolt that moves forward and has a chance to knock down enemies. This skill could be perfect to initiate combat with enemies who didn’t initially spot the caster, surprising them with a heavy blow. Blastball is a charged skill and its assigned button must be held down in order for it to gain full charge. Similar to Ice Needle this skill won’t change its trajectory upon enemy movement and has a chance to miss.

Flame Column

Flame Column was added between the Korean CBT2 and CBT3. This close combat skill unleashes columns of flames right in front of the caster dealing a decent amount of damage, although not as much damage as an initial damage skill would do. This skill attempts to cover the weakness of the sorcerer: close combat.

Contract of Wreck

The sorcerer accumulates a certain amount of power and transfers it to its disk, granting the sorcerer additional power for its next attack. It’s highly recommended to this skill in combination with a powerful skill.


This skill can be a life saver for the sorcerer. This skill has many utilities, such as dodging an attack or giving the sorcerer a way to leave melee range.

High Level Skills & Gameplay

The classes gameplay slightly changes due to the very useful trap skill Seal of Thunderbolt. This skill has a chance to stun the enemy upon trap activation, rendering the enemy immobile for a short period. This grants more time for the sorcerer to plan another wave of attacks. This skill can also be used as a helping tool to stun enemies attacking your group member(s). The main role of the sorcerer remains the same, this class also receives a whole arsenal of powerful damage dealing skills.

The sorcerers will often initiate their attack with the Blastball in combination with Contract of Wreck. It is harder to cast a fully charged Blastball during on-going battle, as the skill requires a certain safe distance between the enemy and the caster in order to gain full power. Contract of Wreck amplifies the damage giving this first blow a great deal of power. Most of the time this brings small minions close to death and the caster can either use Fireball and finish each mob single handily or cast Ice Needle to create a piercing damage killing most of the enemies.

A sorcerer must keep his distance from the enemy at all costs. Flame Column might be a very useful tool but only recommended to use on enemies with a very low health, it’s a perfect skill to finish off an enemy who remains alive after the sorcerer’s main attack wave. Backstep will play a major role in the sorcerer’s survivability, it would be very wise to shortcut this skill on a key with quick accessibility.

As many of us know, the sorcerer is nothing without its mana, luckily Mana Boost grants the sorcerer a brilliant ability to restore its mana during and/or after a fight. Most sorcerers will cast this skill on a tactical moment in order to keep their mana pool in top shape.

Sorcerer Screenshots

Sorcerer Impressions

The sorceror has very powerful skills even at level 1. The starter skills are a single target fireball with a 15 meter range, and a short range AoE called flame column which does high damage.

Many players are worried about having difficulties in aiming and personally I haven’t found any of these issues, though you may have to get used to it at first. Aiming is really easy: if you look at the photos above, you can see that when a target is in range, the reticule will become bigger: that means you can hit the hotkey and unleash the fire!

With every level up you gain more and more skills, and all of them do VERY high damage. Most of them at lower levels hit only a single target, only one does considerable AoE damage.

Every skill has a different range and special tricks to use it, new players might find this difficult at first, and often you’ll find your hits vanishing in the air right one step before your foe. However, near the reticule you should see a distance meter, which is really useful for checking before using these powerful-if-used-well spells of death!

4 skills out of 6 were linked together in a combo. The fact of the matter is, you have to be really careful and always know which skill to use in every situation. Hitting the combo hotkey might not be always the best solution.

About PvP, the first duels were all about a hit and run because of the initial lack of crowd control skills (I guess initial only).

The rest is yet to be discovered, but I found that the sorcerer is a easy to play, hard to master class. It will amaze a lot of players, however, not all of them will unlock its full potential.

Sorcerer Guide