The warriors rely on their guile and lightning fast speed in combat. Because of their grace and agility, they can wield a weapon in each hand to attack or defend in perfect coordination. Though their weapons are light-weight, warriors strike continuously with speed and precision.

Warriors wield two swords, one in each hand which with they display daring swordplay on the battlefields while running very quickly. Warriors are highly dependent on their speed and quick judgment with which they attract their opponent’s attention and confuse them in order to strike them.

Even though the swords that warriors carry are very light and deal little damage the they are still a force to be reckoned with. Warriors have the ability to attack continuously because of their impressive agility.

Warrior Gameplay

Warrior Skills List

Icon Name Description
Image:ShockwaveScream.png Shockwave Scream By releasing an extremely loud scream the enemies in the Warrior’s vicinity have a chance to get stunned.
Image:DodgeAttack.png Dodge Attack The Warrior jumps to avoid the enemy’s attack and after landing, he counter attacks. During the dodge state the Warrior will not receive any damage, but after landing there will be a short delay before any skills can be used.
Image:DeadlyPoisonStrike.png Deadly Posion Strike Coats the blades with deadly poison. Enemies that get hit will contract the poison and gradually lose HP for a duration.
Image:WillOfIntimidationWarrior.png Will Of Intimidation By activating this skill, all of the Warrior’s offensive skills will gather more threat than previously.
Image:WillOfSteel.png Will Of Steel By activating this skill, all of the Warrior’s offensive skills will give a temporary boost to defense.

Warrior Class Skills

Combo Attack

Assigned to your left mouse button by default, Combo Attack is the most basic warrior skill. At each click, the warrior slashes forward with their swords, each consecustive movement increasing the damage done by the next swing up to four times. Each hit also returns a fraction of the warrior’s mana.

Rushing Dodge

Rushing Dodge is a key defensive skill in warrior combat. Assigned to your ‘c’ key by default, the warrior is able to dodge an incoming attack by leaping forward. The skill costs a small amount of mana and has no cooldown.

Blustering Strike

At level 2, Blustering Strike is one of the first high damage attacks a warrior earns. After a cast time of 1 second, the warrior moves forward with a flurry of consecutive, hard hitting attacks. To be used most effectively, the warrior is advised to wait for a moment where their enemy will not be able to interrupt them while the attack is casted.

Stunning Roar

Stunning Roar is learned at level 6 and is an interesting addition to the warrior’s skillset. With a slightly long cast time of 2.2 seconds and a long cooldown of 25 seconds, the warrior is able to stun nearby enemies, giving them the upper hand against a difficult foe.

High Level Warrior Skills

As the warrior levels, its role most definitely sees a dramatic change! At first however, between levels 12-16, their ability to deal damage and recover from deadly stuns is improved with the hard hitting Smash, the passive Smash Intensified and the useful Soaring Attack, which allows the warrior to stand up and counter an attack after being stunned.

Beginning at level 20, the warrior gains a few new skills that begin to flesh out the actual role of the class, which appears to be that of an evasion tank. The skill Dual Sword Dance, learned at level 20, is said to be a hard hitting consecutive attack that actually awards aggro. Elusive Strike at level 24, allows the warrior to evade attacks and become invincible for a time, while dealing a ‘surprise attack.’ At level 28, the skill, Venomous Blow allows the warrior to attack its target with a poised weapon, applying a damage over time (DoT) effect to the enemy.

Furthering their high level role as tanks, at level 30 a warrior may learn the skill Will of Iron which increases their defensive stat while draining their mana. At level 36, Will of Menace allows all skills to award more aggro at the cost of a mana drain.

Overall, the warrior is an interesting and fun class to play. Equipped with light armor, this class has the opportunity to redefine just what a tank is.

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