After months of waiting, we finally have at least some sort of news about the release of this highly anticipated game.

In the most recent post on the official website, the publisher Hangame finally announced the following launch schedule:

  • Pre-Payment Event: Wed January 19 2011 11:00 – Mon, January 24th, 2011 10:00
  • Open Beta Ends: Sun January 23, 2011 24:00
  • Full Service Startup: Tues, January 25th, 2011 10:00

After the launch, we will have access to the following:

  • Southern Shara finally available, as well as the High Elf city of Allementhia
  • 15 new zones availabel where players can level in: Valley of Life, Hills of Essenia, Corrupt Forest, Ancient Forest, Frozen Shores, Plateau of Tyrant, Ancient Castle of Spirits, Frozen Prarie, Restricted Zone, Miarachnia, Shrine of Dagon, Valley of Savagery, Cave of Cannibals, Fiery Mountains, Island of Snakes.
  • Two new dungeons: Necromancy Research Lab and Golden Labrynth.
  • Level cap raised to 50.
  • New skills
  • New gear
  • The Political System
  • The beginning of real PvP, battlefield system (10v10, 5v5).

What this means for us who won’t be playing the game on Korean servers, is simple. The game’s release is finally here, and we will soon have NA/EU release as well. When exactly will that happen is unknown yet, but at least we know it’s getting closer. We’ll also no doubt be getting a lot of new information about the game so be sure to subscribe and bookmark us to receive it as soon as we do.