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G-Star 2010: Group Demo Vid

Just released a few days ago, this footage shows some group demo, shown at G*Star 2010. In the party demo, participants will be able to play as a Warrior, Berserker, Sorcerer, Archer or Mystic and the developers will take on the roles of Lancer and Priest. Once all the roles are filled, the party will More >


TERA Character Creation Video

This official character creation video features hyper-speed character creation of a male Human, Baraka, male High Elf, male and female Aman, male Castanic, and female Popori (you can learn more about those races here). In addition it introduces new facial feature sliders as a reaction to player feedback. You can watch the video below!


TERA Homonculus Guide

The Homunculus, introduced in the city of Velika, is a unique pet system in TERA. This pet may offer many different services to its owner. In the recent FGT2, the Homonculus was a personal shop system and this guide will detail the steps to setting one up. Life is much easier when someone else does More >


TERA Release Delayed

Evidently the rumors are true: the Korean release of TERA is pushed back. It’s unclear yet whether this will impact the release of the westernized version of the game as well, but more than likely it will. The news has been confirmed by Scapes on the official forums, claiming this will give Bluehole Studios more More >


TERA PvP: Dueling, Group Duels And More

The senior community manager for TERA, Evan ‘Scapes’ Berman, took some time out to chat with IncGamers yesterday about the highly anticipated game. While talking about what TERA has over existing MMOs, they touched on the “all action no faction” aspect of the game, and asked what that meant for PvP, an important part of More >

Keyboard Shortcuts

TERA Controls Guide

One of the most important things in MMORPG games which is directly linked to your success in game are controls. Knowing the right keybinds and actually using them is half the battle so see below to find out the default controls for movement, various actions and interface elements. Movement Keys & Mouse Buttons Keyboard Shortcuts More >

TERA World Map

Tera Online Lore: How it began

The official TERA website recently got a much-needed update, however not much has changed in terms of game information. We do however now have access to a bit of lore behind TERA explaining how the world got created. The world of TERA began millennia ago when two titans of unimaginable power, Arun and Shara, met More >


FGT 2 Details

The official forums just got updated with basic (yet important) information about the upcoming Focus Group Test 2. Here’s the stuff you need to know! The 2nd Focus Group Test (FGT) will run from Friday, April 16 through Monday, April 19. The server will only be available at the following times: Friday: 12pm–10pm PDT (7pm–5am More >

TERA Management UI

TERA User Interface Guide

Tera introduces two UIs (user interface) for the non-targeting combat system. The first UI is the Movement UI, the second is the Management UI. To toggle between the UIs use the “Alt” key or the “Esc” key. Movement UI Status Bar – Displays your hit points and mana points. Above that bar are buffs; the More >


Focus Group Test (FGT) FAQ

FGT is an acronym for Focus Test Group. This is a pre-beta phase in which Bluehole has sent invites out to random people — much like an open beta. FGT participants do not test content like a normal beta tester, though, but rather give their opinions on the already-developed content through surveys and questionnaires. In More >