Since the fall of their Demon God, the Castanics have suffered unspeakable prejudice and oppression dating far back into the Mythic Ages. As a result, they mistrust others and prefer to go at things on their own. Resourceful and hardy, they draw from their innate individual strength to see them through this Age of Chaos.

Castanics inspire more conflicting emotions than any other race in the world of TERA. Clever and skilled, castanics are also opportunistic and hot-tempered. A castanic never forgets a friend and never abandons an ally. They’re also notoriously quick-tempered and have a tendency to decapitate first and accept apologies second.

The clan is famous for the skill of its artisans and crafters. They are also adept merchants—cunning negotiators who love the interplay of bargaining, and strive to come out on top in every deal.


Originally one of the clans of devas, the castanics fled their pitiless goddess and the necromantic overlords of the devan empire. Since that time, Clan Castanic has forged its own destiny, lived by its own dark code of honor, and carved out its place in history. Betrayed into creating an artifact that caused the death of a beloved god, most castanics have spurned the gods entirely, believing them not to be worth the trouble they cause, and that those who depend upon the gods are too cowardly to seize their own destiny. A small minority revere the amani goddess Kaia.

Castanics Today

Already known as a fiery-tempered race, castanics have found an uneasy niche in the Valkyon Federation. Council decisions against their wishes frequently find castanic factions acting on their own. They take what they can, though they never steal, and they look out for each other.

Castanics in the Federation are willing to work together for the common good, but only so far as the common good doesn’t take too long or come at too high a price. They’re perfectly willing and able to go their own way if necessary.

Home City: Castanica

Castanica lies in a vale on the east coast of the continent of Arun. The dark heart of Clan Castanic crackles with energy. Anything can be found there—for the right price. Much like its thorny, dark architecture and its oft-misunderstood inhabitants, a harsh beauty lurks beneath the surface. Between the darkness and the light, the Shrouded Rose continues to glow, and the proud people of the city take their place on the world stage.

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