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TERA Launch Schedule

TERA Headstart & Open Event Dates Changed

For anyone looking forward to TERA, great news incoming. En Masse revealed the final open beta and launch schedule, with a few surprises as well. There will be two open beta events, and shockingly players will be able to keep those characters into launch, meaning you can start playing this game in just a few More >


Tera Beginners Guide

TERA is undergoing a stress test in Korea, after which we should see a lot of new information pop up. translated one very useful informational guide talking about the enhancement crystals, quests, enchanting system and more. If you’re hungry for more Tera Online information, this will surely satisfy you! Locating Quest Objectives Combo Skills More >


Focus Group Test (FGT) FAQ

FGT is an acronym for Focus Test Group. This is a pre-beta phase in which Bluehole has sent invites out to random people — much like an open beta. FGT participants do not test content like a normal beta tester, though, but rather give their opinions on the already-developed content through surveys and questionnaires. In More >

Tera sky screenshot

TERA Third Closed Beta Screenshots

TERA, a MMORPG developed by Bluehole Studio, which was founded by the former development team of Lineage 3, and operated by NHN, the largest game producer in South Korea is now undergoing the third closed beta test in South Korea. Recently, a Korean player nicknamed “zenyceny” has shared some awesome screenshots generated in this test More >