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Tera Launch Cinematic

Tera Launch Cinematic Revealed

It seems there’s rarely a day without any new reveals or news about TERA. Those of you who preordered the game already enjoy it in the headstart no doubt, but the rest must settle for previews, videos and other news we get. En Masse revealed a launch trailer today named “Beginnings”, which I’m sure you’ll More >

TERA: Dark Cathedral Dungeon

Dark Cathedral Instance Video

This newest gameplay video from En Masse takes us inside the Dark Cathedral instance. It shows us a group of players taking on some of the monsters found inside the Dark Cathedral, all accompanied with of course beautiful graphics as usual. Additionally the video also gives us another look at TERA’s real action combat that More >

TERA Online Mount

G-Star 2010: Group Demo Vid

Just released a few days ago, this footage shows some group demo, shown at G*Star 2010. In the party demo, participants will be able to play as a Warrior, Berserker, Sorcerer, Archer or Mystic and the developers will take on the roles of Lancer and Priest. Once all the roles are filled, the party will More >


TERA Character Creation Video

This official character creation video features hyper-speed character creation of a male Human, Baraka, male High Elf, male and female Aman, male Castanic, and female Popori (you can learn more about those races here). In addition it introduces new facial feature sliders as a reaction to player feedback. You can watch the video below!

Tera - Official Trailers

Tera Official Trailers

These two videos are both official TERA trailers showing some characters, battles and scenery. If you want to watch more TERA videos click here.