TERA Launch Schedule

TERA Launch Schedule

For anyone looking forward to TERA, great news incoming. En Masse revealed the final open beta and launch schedule, with a few surprises as well. There will be two open beta events, and shockingly players will be able to keep those characters into launch, meaning you can start playing this game in just a few days.

Preorder Exclusive Event: April 13 – April 17

The first event is exclusive to players who pre-ordered the game and begins on Friday, April 13th (interesting choice of date if you ask me), and ends Tuesday, April 17. You’ll be able to make one character, reserve the name, and any levels you gain during this event will be carried over to the next, as well as into the official launch.

There’s 6 PvE servers available during this event: Arachnaea, Blightwood, Dragonfall, Freeholds, Frost Reach and Serpentis Isle. Additionally, 3 PvP servers are Basilisk Crag, Jagged Coast and Valley of Titans, and there’s one RP-PvE server Celestial Hills. More servers will likely be added for launch, although no specifics have been given so far.

Open Beta Test: April 20 – April 23

The Open Event begins Friday, April 20 and ends Monday, April 23. Pre-order exclusive event starts a day earlier as well. Maximum level you can obtain during this event is 32, and the 1-character limit still stands. If you participate in the preorder exclusive event your can pick up where you left, and again, your character will be available at launch. This event will also feature the introduction of Island of Dawn area.

Headstart: April 28

Headstart begins on Saturday, April 28. Again, your characters from previous two events will be available, but the character per account limit will be increased to 8. Maximum level you can attain during the headstart period is 38. Do note that headstart is only available to customers who preorder the game, so participants of the open beta event won’t be able to play.

Basically, if you didn’t pre-order the game yet, now’s your chance. You get plenty of in-game bonuses, and if you preorder from Amazon you can even get an exclusive mount to speed up your travels. Not to mention the fact you’ll be able to play Tera in just 3 days.