TERA Castanic Slayer

We haven’t heard anything about the release date of TERA for quite some time now. It’s no secret the game is not boding too well in Korea, and many were concerned as to what exactly is happening. Finally En Masse decided to update us via a press release on the expected release date of TERA Online, which is now set to “sometime in spring of 2012“.

Chris Lee, vice president of publishing for En Masse Entertainment commented on this news saying that the extra time will give them a chance to deliver a more polished product. Hopefully that will be the case, despite thousands of disappointed fans awaiting for this game for some time now.

One additional theory for such a rather late release is that Bioware plans to release Star Wars: The Old Republic in december. That would certainly take a huge chunk of potential TERA players away from the game as rarely anyone has time for two MMORPGs at a time. In addition to that Blizzard stated just a couple of days ago that they intend to get Diablo III ready for this year as well, so with two major titles coming I can certainly see an impact on TERA’s initial subscriber base.

Hopefully this delayed release really will help the developers make Tera Online a better game than it already is, and since to the best of my knowledge there are no other major MMO games planned for release in spring 2012, it should be a decent time to finally get TERA out to the masses.