TERA Management UI

Tera introduces two UIs (user interface) for the non-targeting combat system. The first UI is the Movement UI, the second is the Management UI. To toggle between the UIs use the “Alt” key or the “Esc” key.

Movement UI

  1. Status Bar – Displays your hit points and mana points. Above that bar are buffs; the swords signifying whether the player is in combat or not and the heart signifying the character’s condition
  2. Action Bar – If you view the picture full-sized, you will see that the top row contains mouse keybinds. Your initial attack is mapped to left-click and your dodge/block/heal is spacebar. You can move your skills to any of the squares, but you cannot remap the squares bind itself at this time
  3. Quest Log – As in most MMOs, in TERA, quests line up along the right side of your screen as you receive them
  4. Map – A tiny transparent map. This can be closed or moved in the next “mode” I will discuss

Management UI

As you can see, you are also able to move a few UI components in this mode, such as the quest box, transparent minimap, and chat box.

  1. Menu – It displays the keybinds (currently not re-bindable) for things like your inventory and character pane
  2. Daily Life – The daily life includes friends list and trade options
  3. System Config – The system config menu contains and gameplay options and exit game/logout option
  4. Area’s Completed Quests Status – A pane that depicts how much of an area’s quests you’ve completed

As you can see from the screenshots, TERA user interface is clean, straightforward and easy to get used it. Be sure to familiarize yourself with it as you will be looking at it a lot.